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    Lace Aloe (Aristaloe Aristata) Succulent Plant

    Lace Aloe (Aristaloe Aristata) Succulent Plant

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    Plant Description

    The Lace Aloe, or Aloe Aristata plant is a low-growing plant, which is mostly found in South Africa. It has fleshy, soft-spined dark green leaves, which have white bumps. As the weather changes, the leaves tend to change color and orange-red flowers grow on the long stems.

    O R I G I N: Southern Africa

    Lace aloe features thick dark green leaves with light green spots. Perfect for beginners because it is drought tolerant, pet safe, and grows well indoors. Given the right growing and care conditions, this plant will bloom coral-orange flowers mid to late summer.
    Fun Fact: It stores water in its leaves!

    C A R E:
    Bright, filtered light is ideal.
    Water every 3-4 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings.

    T I P S:
    Don’t overwater. In this case, it’s better to neglect than over love and water your plant too much.

    *Please note, each plant will look slightly different due to differences in light, season, temperature, soil, and hydration.
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