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    A Complete Terrarium Building Kit - Succulent Plant Kit

    A Complete Terrarium Building Kit - Succulent Plant Kit

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    Great Activity for Everyone To Enjoy!

    Create your own living decor with a Complete Terrarium Kit! This terrarium kit is the perfect gift for any occasion. This kit includes everything you need to start and grow a complete terrarium.

    Great Activity for Events, Parties, Team and Company Building and More!

    Each kit comes equipped with everything you need to start a terrarium.

    You can expect to receive an assortment of shells, miniature pinecone, and moss to adorn your terrarium! Each terrarium is unique and special with varying succulents. Never exactly the same because terrarium décor pack is handpicked special for you!

    If you want something specific in your décor pack instead of a random selection please make note when purchasing your order and I’ll do my best to accommodate!

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    🌞 Low-Maintenance Serenity

    Enjoy the benefits of a calming oasis without the hassle. Our terrariums require minimal care, making them perfect for busy lifestyles.